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# This section of code gets a list of the files that end in
# .gif that are in the current directory and returns on of them
# at random.
# make sure STDOUT is in binary mode!
binmode STDOUT;
#Tell the browser not to cache this image
print "Cache-control: no-cache\n";
# The header must tell the browser we are returning an image!
print "Content-type: image/gif\n\n";
# get a list of the files
@files = <*.gif>;
$numfiles = @files;
# pick one randonly
$fnum = int(rand($numfiles));
# read the image file and send to the browser
sub send_image {
    local($filename) = $_[0];
    # attempt to open the file
    if (! open(F,$filename) ) {
   # Can't open the file - this is a fatal error!
   #fatal_error("Can't find the file $filename\n");
   # No sense sending back a message - the browser expects
   # an image and won't display text! Just quit.
    # force the file handle to binary mode
    binmode F;
    # the file is open - read everything and send to
    # the browser
    while (read(F,$line,4096)) {
   print $line;
    close(F);               # close the file

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