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Command prompt navigation is a nightmare ;=)) Over the years I have developed a simple system to be able to save the current directory to a batch file, enabling me to more easily return to this directory. By convention I start each of these batch files with the letter 'h', and then the 'name' of the project in this directory.

So, after I first navigate to a new directory, I use -

directory/for/cwd> cwd c:\MDOS\hcwd.bat

This simple application then writes the file hcwd.bat into the folder c:\MDOS, and since this folder is in my PATH environment variable, I can return to this folder anytime just by typing -

where/ever/I/am> hcwd

and I am back in the 'directory for cwd' easily and quickly. At last count I have nearly 200 such helpful navigation files in my MDOS folder. The trick is choosing a name that can be remembered and still be associated with the project in that folder.


Any non-valid command, like -?, will show the help -

Informatique Rouge *** CURRENT WORK DIRECTORY UTILITY 32 *** 19 May, 2010 (MSVC8)
 Purpose : Writes the current Drive and Directory to output
 Usage   : CWD32 [FileName] [Switches]
 Switches: Each preceded by / or - and space separated.
 -@[-|+]   Add an @ character to commands. Default is yes. -@- to not...
 -a        Append to any existing file, if any.
 -b        Bare CWD, single line.
 -cName    Add 'Call Name' to output (Can be repeated).
 -o        Overwrite any existing output file.
 -sName    Add 'Set PROJ=Name' to output.
 -v[0|9]   Silent or very verbal.
 -l        Single line output.
 -8        Output DOS 8.3 format.
 Notes   : A ? anywhere in the command will produce this help.
 Compiled on May 21 2010, at 15:07:56



Some downloads ... as usual, take care downloading and running things from the web. It is highly recommended that you download the source, and compile it yourself. Microsoft offers an 'Express Edition' for free, of their C/C++ IDE tool, Visual C/C++ ...


Downloadable binary (e), and source (-) for WIN32
Date Link Size Notes Digest
2010/05/21 32,872 Runtime 4858349a6f0d69e33232a2df32d53933
2010/05/21 16,618 Source 8902a78d9769e54364653a6d0f7f0587
Older versions
2010/05/10 32,873 Runtime 9e831ba18a1a82abbfe1a8640964bd7e
2010/05/10 16,563 Source a520553e48a1d0f84629cf1f22e0fab5
16/06/2007 34,379 Runtime 0c345b843a00f9541fc08e4073eb5197
16/06/2007 16,996 Source be7673b0a0312dd37e17eff68ca4b837


If clicking on the above link does not start the download, try a right mouse click, and in the context menu that should appear, choose 'Save Target As...'. You will then have the choice where to save the zip file on your local disk... Windows XP and Vista will natively allow an unzip, or there are free tools like 7-zip to do this.

Have fun ;=))


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