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Hi ... I am Geoff McLane, and I live in Antony, France. I am a retired Computer Consultant but still enjoy Computer Programming, mainly for FOSS projects these days. There is more stuff all over this site, or send an email.

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TRK ICON to details in trk.htm WHAT WAS THAT PICTURE? 
In brief, as you fly around in MS Flight simulator there are programs that can record the track, height, speed, etc and write a text file. This was an attempt to graphically redisplay the flight text. I took off from Sydney International, took a right, looping full around over Sydney harbour and up North coast a little. Then circled (right, out to sea, which is what you see, no. 91 of 127 frames at 4500 feet), then back to land again. You are only seeing one frozen image out of the hour or so the flight took. *** BACK to Entry Logo ***

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