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A simple utility to show the total disk space, and the reported remaining free space.



Some downloads ... as usual, take care downloading and running things from the web. It is highly recommended that you download the source, and compile it yourself. Microsoft offers an 'Express Edition' for free, of their C/C++ IDE tool, Visual C/C++ ...

Downloadable binary (e), and source (-) for WIN32
Date Link Size Notes Digest
08/06/2008 DiskSpacee01.zip 3,806 Runtime e17184180152eae399740e78ea16fb0d
08/06/2008 DiskSpace-01.zip 5,506 Source c4a34cbb78855863b153f6322f670ee8

If clicking on the above link does not start the download, try a right mouse click, and in the context menu that should appear, choose 'Save Target As...'. You will then have the choice where to save the zip file on your local disk... Windows XP and Vista will natively allow an unzip, or there are free tools like 7-zip to do this.

Have fun ;=))


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