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Want to know what processes are running? Wrote this small command line tool, 'ps', to do that in WIN32


Project Name

'ps' has a brief HELP, seen by using -? command ...

Prompt> ps -?
ps, version 0.0.2, compiled on Sep  1 2011, at 13:37:48
Usage: [options] [name1 [name2 [...]]]
 --help  (-? or -h) = This help, and exit 0.
 --all         (-a) = Print out the full list of processes.
 --debug       (-d) = Set debug on. (def=Off)
 --sort        (-s) = Sort by Name. (def=Off)
 --SORT        (-S) = Sort by PID. (def=Off)
 --verbose     (-v) = Bump verbosity. (def=0)
If not -all, then a simple list of process names, and PID.
If name(s) given, then only those matching are listed.



As usual, take care downloading and running things from the web. It is highly recommended that you download the source, and compile it yourself. Microsoft offers an 'Express Edition' for free, of their C/C++ IDE tools ...

Some downloads: Source and MSVC build files WIN32 executable

Date Link Size MD5
2011/09/01 14,597 8666c39fae57f765626277e4616e21d3
2011/09/01 46,531 9037ac1233e259a4b19e37246849352b
Older versions
2011/04/16 13,724 91f536b95c3adfc810b63e15e1549df5
2011/04/16 44,671 42eb3b5cf3909dd4a568953919fef76e


Have fun ;=))


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