Geoff's Personal Details (Cont.)

As a Computer Consultant I usually work on a hourly basis. But if the project can be well defined, then sometimes on a per project basis. Some come to my house, sometimes I visit the site, and of course a lot via this electronic media.

While I am interested in all types of projects, developing, improving, modifying software is what I like best. Of course I have my own well developed set of application tools and utilities, and several Software Development Kits. There are some pages dedicated to some interesting projects.

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Born on 28 December 1944, nationality Australian, resident Sydney, married to Annie E. L. Bachelet, French. Of course, references, personal and business, can be supplied on request. Just ask in an email ...

An Australian Australian Kangeroo Kangaroo

And if you really want to see a picture of me, past and present, go here.

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