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Travel Log - VIRTUAL - Ahmedabad to Calcutta

This 900 odd mile flight across the Northern part of India was through the night thus very little was visible, but as usual a few snaps of the ILS approach to Calcutta were taken and included here.

We were cleared for takeoff around 19:40. The first track was 88 degrees for 260 N. Miles to Bhopal VOR 117.10 which we reached at 20:48 flying at FL35.

We tracked at 93 degrees to NDB 301.0 KHz at Jabalpur, passing over it at 21:21, some 150 N. Miles from Bhopal.

At about 23:01 we were over VOR 117.5 and turned to track 97 degrees for Jamshepur VOR 115.40, which we reached at 23:30 and turned onto the final track to Calcutta.

At about 23:39, on track 95 degrees to Calcutta VOR 112.50 MHz I commenced our decent from FL35 to FL5. About 6 miles out I turned to 190 degrees to track out to around 25 miles to pick up ILS01R 109.90 007 degrees, the runway in use per the Calcutta ATIS on 126.40. The following snap is not long after we have levelled, cleared for landing, and taken on full flaps with gear down.

Joining Calcutta ILS ...

I allow the Autopilot Approach Tracking to bring us into about 1,500 feet, then took over for the manual landing. The following snap is from about 500 feet showing the twin runways, and that we a lined up on the 11,900 foot RWY01R...

Only a hundred feet to go ...

My log shows some 3.6 NIGHT hours for the flight, with 3.2 hours on IFR. Full shutdown was at about 12:30 am.


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