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TRK C++ - Tracking in MS Flight Flight Simulator

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While "flying" in MS Flight Simulator there are 3rd party products that can "track" your aircraft's position, height, attitude, speed, direction, etc, and can write these details to a LOG file. The following snap of my C++ program TRK.EXE is a single instance view (number 91 of 127) of one such file.

Snap of TRK

In keeping with the C++ ICON, I used ICON of TRK as my ICON for this application. As bitmap .

This started life as a MS sample imitating the action of fire by rapidly manually manipulating a memory bitmap. Here I read in the file and each record is painted as a red dot. The direction of the aircraft becomes a blue marker on the compass, and the data is listed to the left.
As stated earlier, this is a simple view of an instance of a particular track. Here I took off from Sydney International, took a right turn/loop back over, like downtown Sydney.
View North over city Of course one should not forget some of the main attractions...
Bridge Opera House

Then I continued up North coast a little, eventually circling to the right, out to sea off around Newcastle. Unfortunately FS had no image of Newcastle or the mighty Hunter river there. Map Sydney-Newcastle
Then back to land again. You are only seeing one frozen image out of the hour or so the flight took.

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