VNC Mac OS X Server

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Setting up, and enabling a VNC Server on a Mac OS X Server, Version 10.4.9 is quite easy. Of course, if you are running Tiger, then - - has very good images for the setup in that system, which is somewhat similar ...

About dialog on Mac OS X Server 10.4.9

In the 'Sharing' folder, select and enable Apple Remote Desktop, then click [ Access Privileges ... ] ...

Enable Remote Desktop, and click Access Privileges ...

Select the User names who can use VNC. Select what operations they are allowed. Enable VNC, and give it a PASSWORD.

Enable the users allowed, the actions they can perform

Then the Mac OS X Server is ready to receive a VNC connection from a VNC Viewer Client.

There are probably any number of VNC Clients that will connect to this MAC OS X Server which will now act as a VNC Server.


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