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Working Experience

At present, any 'project' that takes my interest, but to back up a bit, and give some 'ancient' history ...

* Full management of the developing China market, following software and hardware trends.
* Software maintenance (in Assembler and C) and feature control for the Japanese market.
* Brought together all the 'international' product work, through frequent trips to Europe, including Ireland, DCA's European product center and USA (Cincinnati and Atlanta).
* Handled localisation of the DCA software (Irma, RLN, CrossTalk - C/C++) for Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Thai, Greek, Arabic and others.
* Continued to manage turnkey projects for major customers like Governments, Banks and Airlines, adding IBM and Unisys mainframe connectivity, in DOS, Windows and OS/2 (Assembler & C/C++).

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