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Below are listed some of my favourite links ... This will be updated periodically ...

Mainly for Sydney, Australia, but may be applicable in a wider context ...

Some Maps, road, weather links,
and some IT Job Search links.
A Java 'speed' test.
Some Sydney images (and doggies).
an interesting Flower site
helpful macpcfirstaid site

 and internal subs!

Some National Flags

My Favourites


Below is a Canadian site sponsored by Mr Michel Brochetain of Paris, France in dedication to his wife Lillie who passed on in 1995. I assisted as an ad hoc Consultant on the site construction and maintenance. Go see for yourself!
Russian Non-Conformist Art

If you seek to Employ or find other Consultants, then try the link below to Réseau Européen pour l'Emploi. They maintain a very good index to many other sites ...

As you may have already seen this village has its own web page. Here you can find details of the village in English and French including maps, etc but NOT exactly our house.
Antony Ville

See Mona, in France. What is in a domain name? Some unix/windows jokes. GPS!

Others will be considered ...Under construction

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