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20170519: Although Tidy has it own QuickRef site, this is just a copy of the latest quickref-5.5.24...

20150806: Update: After being quite happy for a few years with my development version of HTML Tidy, with its reasonable HTML5 support, I found the energy to try to fully complete a HTML5 aware Tidy5, without losing any of the former functionality.

I am now working with the repo, and recently commenced a release process for verion 5.0.0, the first release for years. You can either clone the source, and build it locally, it does not have any 'special' dependencies, or some binaries are provided here, and hopefully soon to be found in the unix/linux/MAC/Win binary distribution pipelines...

My cloned is now abandoned. I do to rebase it to the above master branch now and then, but it should be considered out-of-date ;=().

As always, a big thanks for Bjoern's Nov 2011 patch. That for me kick started getting Tidy! fully HTML5 aware.

Writing HTML can be a bit of a pain ... it is just too easy to make a mistake ... this crossplatform utilitiy - Tidy! - can sometimes help -! Try it out.


Most of the following is more like water under the bridge, left here to document my involvement with the Tidy! project...

This original site - still exists, but the source code available via CVS, is now very out of date.

You can also read more about the original at - -

This is its cute little logo, that you could add to your page - Checked by Tidy GIF image - It takes some time to get used to the many, MANY command line parameters that control the action of Tidy... Some attempts at a GUI version do exist.

Of course, you could download the FULL SOURCE, and compile Tidy yourself, but if you just want to try it, here are some WIN32 binary, in ZIP files. Click on the most recent zip file link below, or right mouse click, and choose 'Save Target As...' to download the zip file to your computer, check the MD5 sum, and then extract the EXE file in the zip into one of your PATH folders.

You can check your available PATH folders by opening a 'Command Prompt', and typing
> PATH<enter>
You should see a list of paths, separated by a semi-colon (;). The most common one is C:\WINDOWS, although this is not usually the recommended location ...

As part of the 20140806 update, I again implemented the cmake build system, including a 64-bit windows build.



20150806: These are no longer maintained. See above for getting binaries and source... top

2011-01-11:14: Commenced update including HTML5 support (on going), and the 'dev' version has a patch to output error messages in a form suitable for use with MSVC - set tidydev.exe as an external tool.

Some downloads: TAKE CARE running EXECUTABLES from the web. Release candidate, including HTML5 support. Full modified source, with MSVC build files. Development version, release candidate, with HTML5 support and using the config option 'gnu-emacs true' will output error message in the MSVC form. Full modified source, with MSVC build files.

Date Link Size MD5
2012/01/11 140,267 6b00582fa7a26fb321bc4e1df8f5b86e
2012/01/11 670,905 b7189e688d4e0bf424cfee1ce408ea2a
2012/01/11 145,827 ef24670a31cbc7d30f92aa0ddb9abdd3
2012/01/11 1,152,301 b0c4e52f28c5b96535228196ecbf90e0

Older Versions:

2010-03-28:12: Added new option to my tidydev-12, namely -noeqwrap, or no-equal-wrap: yes. For a long time I have NOT like the fact that attributes can be 'wrapped' on the equal(=) sign, particularly href="something". While this seems no problem for browsers, it makes simple parsing a html file that much more difficult, and really did not 'look' right. This added option will change the pretty print output, and like if the output is xml, will no longer wrap on the equal sign...

2010-03-27:11: Due to a problem with 'lost' new-lines in the output, reverted to using src/pprint.c from CVS, 100%. So for the moment, I have to get used to what I feel is an 'extra' number of blank lines in the 'tidied' html ;=()

The table below contains the release and build dates of particular Windows binaries, and more recently also the full source... In most cases, the EXE file in the zip is called tidy.exe, so it is up to you to rename this if you want to use/try multiple versions.
The marker ??? denotes DEVELOPMENT versions, which have a number additional features, some under test, compared to a standard CVS versions. It also has a slightly modified command line interface, which includes an @input_txt, input file, with line separated commands. See tidy_09.htm  for more details.

As usual, take care with downloading and running executable files from the web!
Make SURE you at least check the MD5 sum!

download version MD5 msvc build size ??? 26 March 2009 8bcf5512d05f3d4d61c2b470e0fdfb7e MSVC8 2010/03/28 142,570 ??? 26 March 2009 61ff6882925453b9a19043dd9e4a8450 Source 2010/03/28 1,204,317 26 March 2009 58f5360da8d7a1996481ea1c2890a391 MSVC8 08/02/2010 137,070 26 March 2009 a9bbb8e41d65137222c74989ee23d8da Source 15/03/2010 722,563
Older Versions ??? 26 March 2009 104215c74c34a151455eb961fb7f8c3a MSVC8 2010/03/27 142,449 ??? 26 March 2009 964ea90a857f9007d31fbf5941fd4f88 Source 2010/03/27 1,209,315 ??? 26 March 2009 fc7355d96b6cdc67f9f9c0546ee150e2 MSVC8 26/03/2009 142,421 ??? 26 March 2009 c5cc25c3d776719f30df3d0b1564c47d Source 15/03/2010 * 1,171,527 ?????? 7 Dec 2008 295ae62cad74d04543a4ed998061234a MSVC8 23 Mar 2009 142,293 + 7 Dec 2008 0c402e763082d823ee8b92dad3c1a473 MSVC8 19 Mar 2009 136,914 ??? 20 Jan 2009 97c618c9d8dca25ac1054097a86f397b MSVC8 20 Jan 2009 142,183 7 Dec 2008 e61d68264b6d88513dfeede39cc0b73f MSVC8 19 Jan 2009 136,895 11 Aug 2008 4f6c010dea0611506ef78eceb2b18991 MSVC8 10 Oct 2008 ??? 11 Aug 2008 46874781d0edeb8d5ff3a77ee0421f39 MSVC8 10 Oct 2008 18 Jun 2008 859ee72ee13ffeb5e493f074a9a5f60a MSVC8 21 Jul 2008 22 Mar 2008 59be2875d983939e1243c22510f3c5da MSVC8 16 Apr 2008 ??? 6 Nov 2007 dd0305d942cb6f63fa3c63a03ffea73b MSVC8 9 Jan 2008 ??? 15 Aug 2007 cb8c9f5925cc3efc9f89fb8aa473ca7c MSVC8 19 Aug 2007 15 Aug 2007 29a019b21f51bc93a34baf57e8645f71 MSVC8 16 Aug 2007 2 Apr 2007 967bd495d7564f4243188b4f31c555fd MSVC8 13 Apr 2007 14 Feb 2006 752bbba09a5af2a9d96fbf0d9a944c69 MSVC7 25 Feb 2006 12 Sep 2006 b50c853e1b76d508dd4131bd62eb2759 MSVC6 16 Sep 2006  

Another (usually older) list of downloads is here.

* - Although this is nearly a year later, it IS the source that built the above executable. Just very SLOW in putting it together, and onto this page ;=))
??? - Development versions, which have a number additional features. See tidy_09.htm  for more details.
+ - Patched version, with 2683371.diff.txt patch, to fix issue
??? - Patched version, with pprint01.diff.txt patch, to fix additional blank line output (in some cases).

The downloaded ZIP files each contains a WIN32 binary executable, tidy.exe, thus you just unzip it. Since Tidy is a command line tool, you must always open a 'Command Prompt' to use it, and change to the FOLDER where you unzipped it. Then if you type :-
> tidy -h<enter>
at the command prompt, a list of the command line parameters will be given. Typing :-
> tidy -v<enter>
and it should show the above release version, as shown in the table.

I always RENAME the executable binary, in the zip files, to tidycvsNN.exe, if it was compiled from the CVS source, and where 'NN' is the number of the zip, or to tidydevNN.exe, for my developmental version ... you can also find other WIN32 binary downloads through the main Sourceforge Tidy site ...

And of course, to be able to use Tidy in every command prompt, you need to move or copy the EXE binary to a FOLDER in your PATH environment variable. In my case I have created a C:\MDOS folder where I keep all such executable, and used Control Panel -> System -> Advanced TAB -> [Environment Variables] to ADD this permanently to my PATH ...

And rather than always remember to type in the long list of 'configuration' parameters, I place them all in a file, tidycvs.cfg.txt is a sample of this, and run Tidy like :-

> tidycvsNN --config C:\MDOS\tidycvs.cfg.txt -o tempnew.htm name-of-file-to-tidy.htm

And even all that I place in a batch file, ti.bat, which is in my PATH, so I just type :-

> ti outfile.htm infile.htm

I like an easy life :=)).

Link Table

Link table to current Tidy pages -

Link Description Date
Tidy_15 Tidy Tag Table. 2020-12-02
Tidy_14 Line and Column Reporting. 2007-08-18
Tidy_13 Small patch for TIDY_STORE_ORIGINAL_TEXT compiler switch, and to improve column reporting, when there is a TAB in the file source line. 2009-07-12
Tidy_12 Another HTML::Tidy, by Andy Lester, from CPAN 31/07/2008
Tidy_11 First linux build, in ubuntu 7.10 - piece of cake ;=)) 02/05/2008
Tidy_10 Further fix for out-of-order inline elements - see 16/04/2008
Tidy_09 Tidy Development - a minor update of my development version. 09/01/2008
Tidy_08 Tidy COM Wrapper - WORK IN PROGRESS! 26/10/2007
Tidy_07 Building HTML::Tidy for Perl - WORK IN PROGRESS! 21/09/2007
Tidy_06 Building TidyATL, part of Tidy Wrapper ... 20/09/2007
Tidy 05 A problem of php 'creeping indenting' ;=)) 19/08/2007
Tidy 04 Recently cvs included memory mapped io, so ... 19/08/2007
Tidy 02 A personal Tidy fix, for mal-formed inline elements ... 19/08/2007
Tidy 03 An enhancement of the -alt-text <text> option ... 19/08/2007
Tidy 01 A version to preserve leading spaces in XML parsing... 19/08/2007


Miscellaneous items: Some access question, and a test legend file ... a blank template


checked by tidy  Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional

PS: This file is tidied using this tidyclean.cfg.txt configuration file ... enjoy ;=)) An older version, excluding the 'clean' - tidycvs.cfg.txt ...