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This link directly and indirectly brought me into a fantastic array of information we have about our world. Although scenery is beautiful, my interest was in 'visualising' man made objects, and this not only included VFR objects, but radio sources as well. 

To someone interested and/or involved in the 'virtual world' field, many of the name I have given files in my Flight and FGFS folders over the last year, or so, tells some of the story ...

30/05/01 Joystick.doc - mine wasn't working right. Turned out to be just an xml problem.
30/03/01 FGFS-Key.doc - When coding you get interested in 'inputs' from the keyboard/mouse/network/etc.
12/07/01 9:57 p7050812-e2431c.jpg - an early view of some of the FlightGear crew.
16/07/01 X15 Model.doc - have always had an interest in this period of flight development, and other barriers broken.
17/07/01 HUD-UPD.doc - Yes, a great way to display necessary information.
08/03/02 bluecanoe-takeoff.png - beautiful picture, just taking off.
13/03/02 quaternions.htm - you probably do NOT want to know :-)
17/03/02 preferences_xml.htm - strong use of xml to alter/set variables/properties nodes
17/03/02 FGFSScenery Tiles.doc - Try like GL_POLYGON, GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, GL_TRIANGLES, GL_QUADS, :-//
25/03/02 OpenGC.doc CVS-INIT.doc UFO_cxx.htm
29/04/02 SGI RGB Image Format.doc
24/07/02 FlightGear Scenery Tutorial.htm
02/08/02 FGFS-current base scenery.doc
10/08/02 AirNav5.htm
13/08/02 IFR vs VFR.doc
25/08/02 GeoTIFF-01.doc
26/08/02 TIFF Class F Specification.htm TIFFTAGS.TXT
16/09/02 TIFF-01.doc CVSInstr.txt xml-01.htm
02/12/02 Flight Gear Internal Scenery Coordinate Systems and Representations.htm and Flight Gear Scenery Generation Tools.htm
01/01/03 Prop-01.doc
01/02/03 DAFRWY.xls DAFARPT.xls DAFNAV.xls

Some of this dovetailed into one of my 'pet' interests. Ever since the very early days of MSFS I like their world-view scenery files, and had started a database-like program called BglView. As usual, I was not so interested in how they 'showed' a river, mountains, natural objects, but that they contained a vast database of 'man-made' object, and of these, the airports and IFR object took all my interest.

Tragically, I designed my own 'database', and it is hard to presently break that part away from the main display engine, after all the 'elements' have been researched. So, relatively recently I started a new fgsd (FlightGear Show Data) windows program.

It loads part of the data, and present a list of airport of the world to select. On selection, it will search the DAFIFT files appropriately for this Airport, and its associated runways and navigational aids (VOR/NDB/etc). It further loads the set of FlightGear 'default' files, .apt, .ils, .nav, fix at least, and searches and displays the same airport from - Copyright 2001, Robin A. Peel - them.

This set of 'picture' are annotated with what is shown when comparing two airport - one from DAFIFT and one from the Peel databases, showing their similarity and agreement, and sometimes minor differences. Actually I understand that the Peel data is also extracted from the DAFIFT, so any differences could be just a question of time before the update arrives.

Imagine sort of KSFO and LFPO airports at night, hovering and leads there

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