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This was part of a Rallye Tour du Monde (virtual) trip I was doing for the second time using MS Flight Simulator 5.0a, and later MS FS for Window 95. The whole world trip commenced at Nome, in Alaska, down through Canada, USA, island hopping to Port of Spain in South America, down to Recife, then across the Atlantic to Monrovia, across Africa to Sanaa on the Red Sea, to Karachi, across India to Hong Kong, turning North to Shanghai, up past Korea to the former USSR Magadan, before the last leg back to Nome.

I still do a bit of virtual flying, today with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Professional Edition, but have not recently added any virtual trips to here. I hope to soon ...

Trips in the Virtual Air :-

Sanna to Karachi

Karachi to Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad to Calcutta

Calcutta to Dhaka

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