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Travel Log - VIRTUAL - Sanaa to Karachi

We arrived at Sana Airport about 9:30 am, and in our Lear Jet a bit after 10. Since the flight to Karachi is some 1,400 miles, we fully fuelled the jet on both main and auxiliary tanks.

By 10:45 we were rolling down the 7,000 feet runway, having planned a Flight Level of 35,000 feet.

Since we used RWY18 we were soon at the 41NM VOR 116.10 marker, and turned to 053 degrees for the first leg to VOR 114.30 MHz, Sharurah, 205 NM.

By 11:30 we had reached FL35 with 130 K IAS, and switched to Sharurah VOR. Being so full of fuel we could only just maintain 35,000 feet with 130K IAS using only 77 percent of the fans.

Picture of Flight Deck

The above is a snap shot taken of the Flight Deck taken a little later, on the way to RallyeNavaid 10 VOR 117.55 on track 66 degrees.

Several hours and many VOR and NDB later, at about 15:30 in the afternoon the IAS had risen to 180 Knots, since we had now consumed more than 50 percent of our fuel load. I estimated ETA Karachi at 16:50 ...

I started the let down about 80 NM from Karachi. Although later the ATIS (126.70) advised RWY07 in use, I decided to use the RWY25R ILS on 109.70 254 degrees, since the winds were calm.

At 16:48 the radar map indicated we were about 5 miles left of RWY07L, so my ETA estimate was quite accurate. We were still at about 9,000 feet, descending, and since there is a bit of cloud around had not yet turned on visual. The VOR indicated some 10 miles FROM, so the plan was to proceed to some 40 miles per the VOR before the turn to 250 degrees final.

It was not until about 15 miles out that I picked up the ILS. But once on it we made a nice landing, re-fuelled for the next leg, and shut down at 17:15. The photo below shows we are a little to the right, and this position can be re-loaded from ILSKHI saved situation.

Just joining Karachi ILS at dusk ...

My log shows some 5.5 DAY hours for the flight, with 4.9 hours on IFR.


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