Travel Log - Virtual - Leg 2

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Travel Log - VIRTUAL - Karachi to Ahmedabad

This was a rather uneventful, quite short flight, only some 330 N. Miles on a general track of about 110 degrees.

We were cleared for Takeoff around 17:15 in our Lear Jet. I taxied to RWY23 and passed the 11 N. Mile Karachi VOR 112.40 on heading 268 degrees at 17:23 and turned for the first leg to VOR 117.55, some 128 N. Miles away.

At 18:44 we crossed VOR 117.55 and turned to track 110 degrees for the 202 N. Mile run in to Ahmedabad using FL 25

At about 19:04, some 60 N. Miles from Ahmedabad, I commenced the decent to 5,000 feet. Although the ATIS on 126.80 advised RWY05 was in use, I chose to use the RWY23 ILS since the winds were calm.

At about 19:15 I was on the downwind leg headed out to about 25 N. Miles to try to join the ILS. The following is a photo taken just as we were joining the ILS, still some 20 miles out at about 5,000 feet.

Just joining Ahmedadbad ILS ...

As we move closer into the landing another photo was taken at only a few thousand feet out. You can see the runway stretched out before you ...

Only a few miles out on Ahmedadbad ILS ...

And finally, although not normally allowed, I took a photo when only a few hundred feet above the runway, but the winds were very calm. You can see we are just slightly to the right, but the left landing light shows more, indicating I am already sliding gently to the left for a smooth touchdown.

Just above the runway at Ahmedadbad ...

My log shows some 1.4 NIGHT hours for the flight, with 0.9 hours on IFR. Full shutdown was at about 19:40.


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